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Bridge Program

Postsecondary education is an exciting opportunity for all young adults, including those with disabilities. Learning and earning go hand-in-hand. District 86 recognizes that the transition from IDEA supports to ADA supports can be challenging for young adults to independently manage and navigate. The Bridge program staff are here to help program participants increase executive functioning skills, break down coursework, and gain the skills necessary to successfully navigate and utilize post-secondary supports and services while continuing to receive academic interventions to assist in course placement. Services will be provided both on the College of DuPage (COD) campus as well as the Bridge program location.


The Bridge program looks to provide young adults with continued special education intervention, services, and supports designed to increase student success in post-secondary academic areas.


  • Executive functioning - managing schedules, managing course expectations and deadlines, and managing testing schedules.
  • Navigating and accessing the COD campus - learning the campus, locating offices, locating classes, locating essential areas such as the library, cafeteria, student center, counseling offices and academic support centers.
  • Socialization - finding opportunities to socially engage with peers and signing up for social opportunities.
  • Transportation - understanding and using PACE and/or Metra.
  • Academic intervention - continued opportunity and exposure to programs and interventions designed to increase academic skills necessary for accredited college coursework.